CS-200 --Programming I-- using C++

Taught by Netiva Caftori

Office: CLS 3025; tel: 773/794-2739

Northeastern Illinois University

Codito ergo sum: I code, therefore I am
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Course Description

This is a preparatory course for students who wish to pursue further work in Computer Science, or for those wishing to have an introduction to computer programming.

The course provides an introduction to the basic concepts of computer programming.

Students will get extensive programming experience using personal computers and the programming language C++ which is provided in the open labs at the university.

Tutorial by Ahmed Kamrul.

Check the [] tentative course schedule for cs-200 Spring '98.

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CS-200 is meeting in the Smart Classroom S242 (the best classroom on campus) on Tues-Thurs. at 9:25-10:40 am.

The final exam is common to all sections of the course and will cover material from the whole semester with emphasis on the later material since the last exam.

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