Intro to Personal Computing by Caftori

CS-100 Introduction to Personal computing

Taught by Netiva Caftori

Office: LWH 3025; tel: 773 442-4718

Welcome to computing!

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Tentative Course Schedule
Week CS-100 Contents: Tues. - Thur.
1 Jan. 11-13th, 2011 -- Introduction. -- The Internet. -- Windows. -- Topics of importance. Help those who know less than you.
2 1/18/11-1/20/11 Chapter 1. -- Word. -- Listen to the news, maybe 91.5 FM, WBEZ.
3 1/25-1/27 Assignement 1 due--Scavenger Hunt. review for Quiz 1 on Chap. 1. Start Chapter 2 Work in teams.
4 Feb 1st-3rd Word Assignment 2 due. More on WORD. Quiz 1. Binary numbering
5 2/08-2/10/11 - Chapter 2. Lincoln's birthdayOutside of class: Work in teams on your PowerPoint presentation
6 2/15-2/17 Assignment 3 due. -- Quiz 2. -- Start on Chap. 3 -- Come prepared with news items.
7 2/22-2/24 Spreadsheets-EXCEL. Review for Quiz 3 on Chap. 3.
8 March 1st 2011 - 3/3/11 Assignement 4 due. Quiz 3 on Chap. 3. On Thur. work in teams.
9 March 8th-10th Assignment 5due. Go over Chap. 4
10 3/15-17 Green day:) Data-base--MicroSoft Access. ~ Women in Computing
11 3/22-24 Spring Break Have a rest. Catch up on readings. Work on your presentation. Have some fun:)
12 3/29th-31st Oops...missed fool's day:( Review for quiz 4 on ch. 4. ~ April 1st?: Last day to drop class.
13 April 5th-7th Student presentations.
14 4/12-14
Access Assignment 6 is almost due. PowerPoint (assig. 8) and presentations.
15 4/19-21 Assignement 7 (web page) due. Student Presentations.
16 4/26-28 Assig. 8, Alice is due. Please show it to me in class. Have a nice summer. Our class ends this week.
Turn in any late assignments and student evaluation of peer presentations the week before last. No final exam. Have a great break!

Grading philosophy

  ~ ~ ~  

There will be 8 or 9 assignments. The lowest grade will be dropped off.

Assig. 6 is a team presentation, which should be researched early in the semester and presented to the class in the last few weeks.
It will count for 10% of your grade.
The topics will be discussed in class and agreed upon by the instructor. See many examples

There will be 3 or 4 quizzes for a total of 30%.

Participation in class discussions will count for 10%.

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Textbooks and tools

Practice makes Perfect

Microsoft Office cheap prices for NEIU students.
Tutorials: (on Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint) on the web at by Bernard Poole or if you choose to download

Read early and often

The following text is for the theory part of the course:
The Computer Continuum by Kurt Lauckner. A custom edition of the 4th edition.
All quizzes will be based on this textbook.

Some Youtube examples and other sources

Social networks and communications.
Another social networking on YouTube
Packets on the Internet

How to create a network in your house.

Computer Games Can Help Kids Learn
and a related article on Kids, Computers and Computer Vision

Students speak about their computer science major

Lab Hours

All open labs are open

I do not guarantee these hours are current. Just make sure you do mostly university work there or net control will get you...:)

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