Course Description

Course Objectives

The course focuses on programming principles and cutting-edge internet technology to introduce students to the very latest Web programming and database technologies and equip them with skills that will allow them to build and deploy powerful, interactive Web applications.

Highlights of the course

The Collaborative online learning is an innovative approach by Computer Science Department at NEIU to integrate computers and internet technology into the education. The online collaborative course is implemented with emphasis on classroom teaching, team-based projects, and collaborative learning. Collaborative online learning is based on the idea that collaborative learning helps students retain knowledge for longer duration and carries the potential to improve learning outcomes. To achive these goals, the course will be administered through Blackboard and LiveMeeting.

Students will be required to work on their projects in teams and collaborate with their team mates using the dicussion boards, file exchange and white board capabilities of Blackboard. Lectures will be given through LiveMeeting to make them more interactive and increase student participation in classroom activities.


Knowledge of an object-oriented programming language and data-structures.

Technical Requirements