Party at our house - Chicago - June 14, 2008

Celebrating Ashley becoming an MD

Thanks you our friends for coming and celebrating the good things in life

The yard



fresh roses


hanging plants

and lilies


purple flowers

to celebrate Ashley becoming a doc

She used to be like a bonnie

Guests are arriving: Noa and Michael

Tzilla, Ophira and Zehava

Haim, Yossi, Boaz


by our chef

and others


Jon and Robin

Joel and Moshe

Robin, Stew, Dan

Marilyn and Kamla

Boris and kids

with Carmen and family

Ashley with Daliah

Thea and I

Shay and Brian

Jim, Judy and Terry

Israel, Patti and Cliff

Sima, Orit, and Shula

Mina and Sari

Didi and Freddy

with Shani


M & M

Tova and Moshe

Sharon and Dave

Martin and Joanna

Netiva and Shuli

Hillary, Joan, Barry, Carmel

and Barbie and Steve

Tova and Raphi

Vered, etc

with Sari

Joanna and Orit

and me

the cake by Ayelet

Efra and Shani


Hagai, Alon and Debby

Joan and Hillary

Carmel with the Hannan

the cook


Jack, Sima, Gideon, Arnold, Shula, Tzilla, Sheila, Ruti, Sari

Jack, Dudu, Sima

Debby, Ronnie, Brenda, Roger

the pond, gold fish

Shoshana, Vered, Didi, Dani

Shoshana, Carmel

Didi, Vered, Haya, Mona

Dani, Barry

Barry, me, Bonnie, Alen, Daliah, Moshe

and Shula


Steve, Marsha, Drora, Aviva, Fredy

Hana, Vered

Sari, Rachel, Shany

Ariel, Ashley, Yafa

and Bonnie

and Rose

beautiful Rose

Ariel, Yafa

Dalia, Ruti

Efrat, Aviva, Rafi

Rafi, Ora, Shoshana

Howard, Sheila

Arnold, Roger, Marsha


Roger and Joel

Howard and Marsha

Sheila and Arnold

and funny us

Rachel and Shlomo

Moshe E and Gideon

Leah and Sheila

Bob and Barbara

Bob and Barbara

young and old

the presents

thanks to all

the party is over. Time to start working.