Netiva in Chicago
Chicago from hotel window

Netiva in Chicago

and in Skokie


recent years

My adoptive home

Visiting the Lithuanian Museum with the Fulbright association, Feb. 2006.
and the Newberry Library.
Some Russians librarians visited us in Oct. 2006 as part of the Library of congress program.
It was good to have my family visit me, 2005.
with Carolyn downtown Chicago

It was good to visit my friends in Chicago during my visit from Africa in May, 2004.

with Marilyn and Barb with Sharon and Patti Linda and Larry Kamla, Barb and Moe

Am now back for good in Skokie.

In Charlie Trotter's restaurant, Jan. 2003

Chefs at Charlie Trotter's kitchen

In the wine cellar

Amuse Gueule

Chefs working

Denise and Lisa

In the dining room

Clams emulsion

Some of the desert

Another emulsion to die of.

Joel is a chef for a day

Joel with sous-chef

In the kitchen

The TV dining room

Angus, Lorie's dog.

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