Operating Systems -- CS-308

Table of Contents

Students textbook

Book editors: Lisa Miller, Joe Tantillo, Ahmad Omar, Kevin, Mukesh Pipaliyu, and Dharmesh J Patel.
  1. Introduction and History of Operating Systems

    By Aichouche Messar, Shimi Zafrir, Najat Obeidallah, Jebran S. Serkees

  2. Computer-System Structures

    By Neha Patel and Q. Chi

  3. Interrupts,
  4. System Calls,
  5. Device-Status table,
  6. Hardware Protection,
  7. Dual-mode operation,
  8. CPU, I/O & memory protection.
  9. Storage Structure

    By: Jimmy Duong, Anthony Nguyen, Tran Nguyen and Angel Hang.

  10. Main memory
  11. Magnetic disks and Tapes
  12. Storage hierarchy
  13. Caching
  14. The Life of a Process

    By: Ngoc Minh Do, Eugeni Gershgorn. Ervin Cheng, and J. Marassigan

  15. Process State
  16. PCB
  17. Context Switch
  18. Scenarios for role playing
  19. Cooperating Processes (maybe in a ch.6)
  20. Threads (ch 6?)
  21. CPU Scheduling

    By: Brooks, Momar Dramme, Catarino Garza, and Mohammed Merchant

  22. CPU & I/O bursts
  23. CPU Scheduler, Dispatcher,
  24. Scheduling Algorithms:
  25. FCFS
  26. SJF
  27. Priority
  28. Round-Robin
  29. Algorithm Evaluations
  30. Process Synchronization

    By: Attila Aranyos.

  31. The Critical-Section Problem
  32. Semaphores
  33. Readers and Writers Problem
  34. Dining Philosophers Problem
  35. Deadlocks

    By: Dien Trinh, Trang Trinh, Jie Yuan

  36. Resource Allocation graph
  37. Deadlock prevention, avoidance and detection
  38. Networks Structure

    By: Swati Sharma, Michele Ilag, Greg Xu, and Alexandra Mallory.

  39. Examples of Operating Systems collected from each one of the team presentations: (tentative)
  40. DOS - Lisa Miller, Rohit Krishan, Ngoc Do, and Kevin Boots.

    Presentation on 3/18/99

  41. Mac - Mohammed Merchant, Najat Obidallah, and Jo

    Presentation on 4/20

  42. Unix - Swati Sharma, Greg Xu, and Neha Patel.

    Presentation on Tues 4/13

  43. Linux - A. Mallory, Aranyos, Brooks, and David Rose

    Presentation on Tues 4/13

  44. Win 95 - Momar Drame, Quynh Chi, Shimi, and Aichouche Messar, Jebran Serkees

    Presentation on 3/16/99

  45. Win 98 - Doan Nguyen, Dien Trinh, and Trang Trinh.

    Presentation on Thur. 4/22

  46. Differences between Win 95 and Win 98 - Jimmy Duong, Peng Mingmongkol, Ervin Cheng, and Angel Hong.

    Presentation on Thur. 4/8

  47. Win NT - Anthony Nguyen, Tran Nguyen.

    Presentation on Thur. 4/15

  48. Differences between Win NT and Win 98- (Raj, Jie Yuan), Omar, Mukesh and Dharmesh

    Presentation on Tues. 4/20

  49. IBM MVS/OS - Catarino Garza, Mohammed A., Jeff Marasigan, Eugenie

    Presentation on Tues. 4/20

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