Dr. Netiva Caftori--Fall 1997

CS 200

Chapter 1

Introduction to Computing

Hardware vs. Software

Programming languages

Problem solving and software development

Algorithm design

Structure diagrams, flowcharts

Chapter 2

Introduction to C++

Problem solving

Basic syntax

Comments, reserved words, case sensitivity The function main

Costant and variable declarations

Data Types

cout for output

Preprocessor directives

Chapter 3

Completing the basics Assignment statements,accumulating, counting

Formatting for output

Math library functions

cin for input Errors: compile-time vs run-time, syntax vs. logic

Chapter 4

Selection structures

Logic expressions

Simple conditions

Relational operators

Hierarchy of operations extended

if, if-else

Chapter 10

I/O File Streams and data files


File stream objects and modes

File stream methods

Embedded and interactive file names

Closing a file: close()

Readinf from and writing to files

Standard device files and other files

Compound statements: Instruction blockes, block scope

Nested if statements

Multiple alternative decisions


More program testing

Chapter 5

Pre-test vs post-testLooping

Fixed count vs variable-decision loops

While loops: Interactive, sentinels, break and continue statements, the null statement

for loops

Nested loops

do-while loops

Chapter 6

Modularity usingFunctions

Function and argument declarations

Function prototypes Defining a function

Functions stubs

Functions with empty parameter list

Default arguments

Returning values

Inline functions

Variable scope

Scope resolution operator

Call by reference; passing by reference

Chapter 11


Array type declarations


Processing arrays- use of loops

Array initialization

Array as function arguments

Declaring and processing two-dimensional arrays

Larger dimensional arrays

Sequential search Binary search (optional)

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