Motto: The reflection of the physical environment of the artist expresses the essence of the spiritual beauty of the human being.

Creative art offers the highest value of pure spiritual meaning.

Summary of Chapters

Chapter I: In this bright landscape. Oil paintings, 1950-1960 ………………………………………..…….p. 5

At the start of his career David Caftori painted forms and surfaces in an organic and constructive manner as a reflection of visual-landscape descriptions accompanied by abstract ideas. His way seemed to be effective for describing sensory impressions and abstract visual thinking process; a meeting place between reality and ideas and their mixture on the canvas. The colors were spread with different textures and thickness of strong brush and knife strokes. The power of the Israeli light influenced Caftori to dilute the strength of the colors and find a kaleidoscopic balance between them. The composition of his paintings represented the main ingredient in the construction of the painting; a flat work of art joined structure by structure. The drawing line accompanied much of the figures. It thus served as a unifying force in the design wi thout escaping outside the canvas’ border. A harmonic combination of colors helped in the painting. Clean and soft, the light infiltrated from every painting. Hardly any shadow was to be found. Figures and symbolic shapes filled a great part of the canvas, completing the composition. This style of painting characterized the early years of Caftori while he lived in Tel-Aviv.