Carolyn's place

Carolyn in training

in Honolulu with sister

    Carolyn at 16 Care, the soldier ~ cuties

Care and Ash     Fight against breast cancer

Care in Milan
Care in Rome
prom girls
Carolyn's prom, 5/31/03
and Chinatown
With Mirik and Avraham Gerzi at the kibbutz     at Gerzi wedding with friends during visit in Chicago, 2004 Carolyn is visiting Chicago
from her base in Israel.
with sisters and mom in Kawaii
Ash & Care in Berlin
  • Care as a soldier with her friends.
  • Care at Ash graduation party
  • Bandana
  • With Irene and her friends
  • with father and sisters
  • In the old kitchen with sisters and funny Dad.
  • With sisters and mom
  • With dad at Kibbutz Beit Hashita.
  • With mom at home.
  • With mom again.
  • Closing her eyes, 2001.
  • Opening her eyes.
  • With Eve.
  • With Eve again.
  • Many other pictures of Carolyn.
  • Trip with Beit Hashita kids to Ein-Gedi, Dec 2001.

  • in Australia with Kata

    Little Carolyn at the Dead 

  • Carolyn in red.
  • With Dvorit and tamar, and others.
  • Care sideways:).
  • With Amichai in Israel.
  • With Rachela in a restaurant Dag Dagon.
  • With Gerzi and Mirik
  • With Dvorit smiling in our back yard.
  • Care in the livingroom.
  • Hebrew 3 class in Beit Hashita.
  • Care in Italy
  • In our backyard
  • With Raefel , both gorgeous.
  • On window in the hotel downtown with Dvorit.
  • With Irene
  • With mom and Irene in Ann Arbor's cafe.
  • Sisters backs
  • All 5 in the family
  • With sister Ashley
  • All the family again.
  • Tattoo, 2002, designed by Raefel and Carolyn.
  • MBI 2001 friends
  • with sister Ashley, 2002

    Carolyn's beautiful painting, Oct. 2002

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