Security in business references

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by Joel Hodes

Computer Security in Businesses

Computer security in business (in word doc format--just click on red)


  1. Information storage and retrieval in businesses
    1. Brief history of the computerization of business (text and timeline graphic)
    2. Current state of computerization in business, with special attention to the types of storage systems utilized and amount of information contained in them
    3. Current state of business connectivity
      1. Causes that have driven businesses to reach current levels of connectivity and computerization
      2. LANs
      3. WANs
      4. Internet presence
      5. E-commerce
  2. Vulnerabilities that businesses face
    1. Review the most notable and infamous security lapses
    2. What parts of the business information architecture are vulnerable to which type of threats
    3. Why are these in danger of security lapses
    4. The value proposition - What is the potential value of business data and information versus the costs of protection
  3. Products in use that safeguard business assets
    1. Software
    2. Hardware
    3. Other
  4. Designing an effective strategy to safeguard information assets
    1. Internal risks
      1. Security software
      2. Technical architectures
      3. Monitoring
    2. External threats
      1. Security software
      2. Technical architectures
      3. Monitoring

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