the poet

So Beautiful


So beautiful

appears my reflexion

in the mirror.

Two round breasts,

silky skin, smooth curves.

Never before did I spend

much time admiring

these assets until now.

Soon I will lose one of these beauties;

A knife will take it away,

will destroy this awsome sight,

this breast that gave life

to three children, and

much pleasure to me and my man.

I'm saying good-bye.


A roller-coaster


My life is a roller-coaster:

One day I fly high, and

the next I sink to the

bottom of the pits.

I crave support, love and warmth,

and receive them from unexpected sources,

whereas my closest kin

seem dry, cold and aloof.

Why can't I be loved and

respected by my beloved?

Why do I have to ask for love

when strangers offer it to me on a platter?


To die

To leave this world unaffected

by me is like admitting failure.

I haven't made a difference.

I didn't make this world a

better place by my breaths.

I did bring to the world

three beautiful creatures.

Is that my legacy?

Have I shown them the way?

Will they make the world

a better place?

Is there a path traced in the

sand to show others a way to follow?


Some die, some live

Passing by without a motion

like a sail-boat pushed by wind

Some die, some live

unaware of their surroundings,

oblivious to the breeze.

Awake by night they seem

ruthless climbing any first ladder

Some live, some die

desirous of the impossible

reaching it in their death.


Take me

Take me to that desired place

where dreams are made and lived.

Take me far away from here

so I can live my wants.

Let's fly together transformed by love

Let's swing and dance

on our journey.

You'll be my prince and

I'll be that enchanting fairy.



A rare moment of intimacy

Wet looks piercing deep

A soft touch

A soothing voice

She took the initiative

My daughter,

My love.


Sweet moments


Every breath taken

with no pain,

every stream of sun light

over my closed eye lids,

this tender position of

a cradled babe,

a confortable position

finally attained,

all seem like a miracle,

a moment in paradise,

a cherished moment

that will not be forgotten,

that will be stretched as

far away from the hell

just lived.


Barbie breast

I have a Barbie breast,

a very valued prize I won.

My natuaral bouncing sagging

breast is gone, cut away by knife.

I have a Barbie breast,

Looking seventeen at most.

Is it youth that I gained,

or maturity that I refuse to lose?

My body looks new and different,

but my soul is still the same.

I no longer play the violin;

The mandoline is my new game.


One day at a time


Today it's pain at every step,

a torture at each turn.

I want to cry and

demand why recovery is so long?

Patience, confidence, and hope

are my resources on this day.

Friends pouring their gifts

and thoughts are blessings.

One day at a time, a moment

by moment, breath in and breath out

I keep a smile on my face and

know I am alive.


"To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of the arts..."... -Thoreau


Lick, lick,lick

Facing me on my doulorous bed

my two cats are taking

their morning baths.

One sitting, one lying, they

follow a routine:

First their arms, then their heads,

then their thighs, chests,

and finally their backs.

There must be volumes written on this art which i have ignored till now.

Lick, lick, lick they go untiring,

hypnotising me in their rythm.

Then they fall asleep, drawing me

with them away from pain

into their feline world, curling

into that warm fur of ablivion.

by Netiva Caftori...

Last updated 1/26/03