CS-303 or 403 -- Computer-Aided-Instruction


Assignment 1

Create a home page and prepare it for your your paper presentation (if you are not using a presentation tool like PowerPoint or Podium).

Make sure to have at least 1 graphic, one link and a way to write you an email from your page.

Use Podium or PoerPoint presentation (or other) to prepare a template for your final class presentation.

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Assignment 2

Use LogoWriter or Squeak for a lesson presentation such as the one handed in class.

You may use a Terrapin Logo from the G drive on our network: Go to G:\ColArtSci|TRLogo|Logo.exe It is windows-based.

Send a message to your professor for any comment or suggestion. Thanks!

Midterm Project

Use Visual Basic, Java, Squeak, LogoWriter or another one of your favorite authoring tools to create a lesson presentation or some educational game with one or two of your fellow students.

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Individual Project

Continue the Midterm project using Visual Basic, Squeak, LogoWriter (etc.,) and go your own direction with the project.

Better yet, start another project of your interest involving sound, animated graphics, video, text, to catch the attention of the learner and yet make sure the learning objectives you set are met.

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Class Presentation

Based on your readings throughout the semester and using the Podium (or PPT) templet you created in assignment 1, prepare a class presentation of approximately 10 minutes.

Turn in a 4-8 page long paper on the subject or display it on your page for every one to see.

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