JCL assignments:

Assignment 3

Run a job with TYPRUN=SCAN on the JOB statement.

This will have the effect of OS scanning your job for JCL errors without actually executing it. MicroFocus has a different way to scan for errors (Z).


  1. 1) Your job has three steps:
  2. PROG1 reads a card input and the current generation of UNI.I.MY.MASTER from tape. The card file may contain // in the 1st 2 columns.
  3. PROG1 writes a temporary data set to disk with the same characteristics as UNI.I.MY.MASTER except for the 4 buffers required and the density deleted (refer back). Let the system give it a name. Round up the number of cylinders.
  4. PROG1 also writes the next generation to UNI.I.MY.MASTER to tape which extends to two reels to be mounted in sequence. The density is 800. Retain it for three months. Retain it also for the next step.
  5. PROG2 reads 3 files: the temporary data set (refer back), the previous generation (before the current), and the generation just created of UNI.I.MY.MASTER starting only from its 2nd volume.
  6. PROG2 writes a report on special form F222 which should not extend to more than 12 pages.
  7. PROG2 also writes a data set DS to be catalogued even if PROG1 fails. DS needs at least 1000 contiguous cylinders and may span to a second volume to be mounted in parallel.
  8. PROG3 reads DS and writes another generation to UNI.I.MY.MASTER to a 3380 disk file to be put on the same volume as some catalogued file UNI.I.CAT.FILE.

Don't forget comments and a system flowchart...

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