JCL assignments:

Assignment 2

Combine assignments 1a, 1b, 1c, and 1d into 4 steps of one job.

You will have to

Don't forget comments and a system flowchart...

Since MicroFocus cannot do all the above for us, you may, as an alternative, run only 2 or 3 steps (the 2 that work on MF, i.e., the 1st and 3rd) accordingly.

More explicitely, have 4 steps in one job:

  • SORT
  • IEBGENER again
  • IEFBR14 (see ch. 5)
  • The 1st IEBGENER will copy your card file to disk (let the system name it)

    The SORT will sort the disk file and place it on another unnamed disk

    The 2nd IEBGENER will copy the 2nd disk to the printer.

    The IEFBR14 will delete one of the disk files that you kept previously.

    Each time you refer to the disk files, use backward reference.

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