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Ash and her sisters
Hawaii. 2005

Ash has just finished studying medecine at Tel-Aviv University in Israel and received her MD, 2008. Congrats Ashley! Ashley at her graduation, 
May 2008
She's back in the US for her residence in surgery in NY and works at a hospital in Queens

Ash in Paris ~ ~ with Itamar ~ ~ Cemetery for the fallen in Normandie

Ashley has graduated from Brandeis University in Boston, May 2004.

Ashley in Benin, Africa.
Visiting Ganvier, a village on stilts, botanic garden of Porto-Novo, and the saffari near Nattitengou. At Tanegua falls early morn, climbing out of a tata-somba, and driving a zem taxi in surreal environments.

Ashley in Kauai

See more pictures of Ashley in Hawaii

  • Laughing Ash
  • With sisters and mom
  • Ashley in the kitchen. Ashley being braided by carolyn.
  • Ashley again in our kitchen radiating...
  • At home
  • Ashley
  • With mom in the livingroom
  • With mom again in the family room
  • ... With mom on her birthday
    With her sisters and rest of the family

    soaking up the sun

  • All kids
  • Ashley and Louis
  • Ashley and wendy
  • Ashley and Lorraine
  • 2 couples
  • The group
  • The 3 couples in front of the limo.
  • Scotland visit and MP.
  • The guys
  • The guys again
  • The gals
  • Everyone again
  • In front of the limo
  • Limo again.
  • Limo
  • Limo
  • Ash and sajay and
  • Some girls
  • Getting pretty
  • Ash and mom in Israel
  • Ash next to the plane that she later flew over Israel.
  • Ashley flying the plane.
  • With her Dad and sister
  • Maybe other pictures of Ashley
  • More family pictures with Ash.
  • medical student

    2 siss

    Ashley in Peru

    July-Aug. 2002

    and in the rain forest

  • Ashley giving a shot
  • Christina giving a shot
  • Adam palying with some local kids
  • AIDS patient
  • Cleaning abcess on a man
  • Healed abcess
  • Transvestites in Belen
  • Dragonfly
  • Final dinner
  • Floating village
  • Football
  • Front of boat
  • Go-cart
  • House on the river
  • Another beautiful sunset
  • Kid with a toothbrush-what a beauty...
  • Tall jungle
  • The boat
  • Viente de Enero again---what a beauty!
  • Yarapa river reflection. can you tell river from sky?
  • Mud stockings
  • Lake Uvos
  • Ashley, Adam, and kids in Castilla
  • Ash and Shego
  • Posing on the boat, lots of them...
  • Rainbow
  • First day
  • Girls in the jungle: Abigail, Anita, Christina and Ash.
  • Group flower bath
  • Group on top of boat
  • Javier, Ashley, and Abigail treating a man with a ray-sting.
  • Javier with encephalitis baby
  • Viente de Enero
  • Sunset
  • IV
  • Anita and new born
  • Betto and Alex
  • Ash and
  • Camping on beach
  • Carmen and Raol
  • Carmen's house
  • Chilling on boat
  • Christina and Shakira with fungus man.
  • Christina with dolphins
  • Javier, Jose-Luis, and christina
  • Jungle drink
  • Kids of Belen
  • What a mud bath!
  • Hike in the mud
  • Old woman and a bird
  • Medicinal plants
  • Last clinic--all
  • River taxi
  • Sachamama lodge
  • Shaman
  • Sick baby
  • Inside our lovely boat
  • With Beto and mother with baby
  • Playing cards with the boys
  • The 6-women soccer team
  • Ashley with her sister Irene in Delaware, 2002. With her sister Carolyn, in Skokie, 2002.

    With entire family

    Ashley in Europe

    My visit with Ashley and irene in Scotland, Nov. 2002

    With Irene and the manekanpiss sideways...:(

    With Irene in Brussels in a park.

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