Cs-310J Assignments

Assignment 1

due on 9/21/00

Do the exercises in Lessons 1, 2 and 3 at the bottom.

Include your design.

Assignment 2 due 10/12/00.

Assignment 3 due 10/31/00

Assignment 4 due 11/21/00

Assignment 5 due 12/7/2000 but presented earlier

Assignment 2

Choose team mates for assignment 5.

Assignment 3

Describe your intended project for assignment 5. Every one of your team mates should have an assigned portion. Need approval to go ahead. Need also a projected date for presentation.

Assignment 4

Assignment 5

Final student project: This will be a team project you should work on throughout the semester as you learn new features and discover what you'd like to do with Java. Part of your assignment 3 would be to describe what you intend to do in this project, and get approval from me.

Find some team mates you'd like to work with or work on your own. The last few classes will be devoted to presenting your project to the class.

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