Netiva and Irene in Montpellier


Netiva and Irene in Montpellier

March 2003

Beach near Cournonteral
Street in Montpellier

After visiting Montpellier, at the edge of the Mediterranean sea we visited Cournonteral where we spent a summer some 16 years ago. Also with our hosts, Anne and Jean-Marie we visited Arles where Van Gogh lived and died and where Roman ruins can be found. We sat in Cafe La Nuit where van Gogh painted. We also passed by St Marie de la Mer and the Camargues before returning to Montpellier.

Irene and I in Arles...Jean-Marie and I in La Nuit Cafe in Arles... Irene and Anne at La Nuit cafe in Arles

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