Instructions for first time YouTube Movie Loading
The process of posting a video to YouTube is simple:
  1. I.Create the video.
    1. A.Record with your own DVC (Digital Video Camera).  If you do this you will likely have access to such a device.  They range in price from about $100 to many thousands. Note that DVC’s with built in hard drives are easier to uxe than DVC’s that record to tape.  Why?
      1. 1.Hard Drive DVC’s are faster to load into your computer
      2. 2.Hard Drive DVC’s are a natural for non-linear editing
  2. II.Edit the video and get it ready for YouTube
    1. A.YouTube accepts ten minutes maximum and 100 MB maximum.
    2. B.Note that most folks have low screen resolution and fairly low speed lines.
  3. III.Get an account on YouTube.
    1. A.Go to and register
    2. B.It is easy to do, but you should be sure that you remember your account name and password.  Do not share your account with others.  Remember that you could be responsible for the site content.  
    3. C.Note that you can use your google login
  4. IV.Click on the link in the upper right hand of the page called “Upload”
    1. A.Fill in the blanks that YouTube asks about.
    2. B.Note that you must fill in all the blanks or YouTube will complain.
    3. C.Once you start an upload you must stay connected until the upload is done.
  5. V.YouTube will provide you with a link.
    1. A.Note the link on the test video

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