Computer-security-assignments-Dr. Caftori


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Turn in a summary of your readings on a weekly basis. About 1/2 a page to a page in length each.

First assignment

Surf the net in search of a free hacking tool. Use it on your own computer or in another stand-alone environment and describe the result as well as the purpose and the process.

Second assignment

Rent a movie related to computer security. Watch and describe it in a short paper of 1-2 pages. Let us know what is real and what is fantasy in it. Should the whole class see it?

Midterm team assignment

Work with your team on a presentation to the class on a common theme. You may each have a very different approach but somehow tied to the team theme. Each member of the theme should turn in a 3-5 page paper. See example of Viruses, etc.

Midterm exam

Email your teacher 2 questions from every chapter read and from your midterm presentation with answers.
These exam questions will help you study for the midterm exam.

Final assignment

Individual presentation and paper: This may be a continuation from the midterm paper or a very different aspect/topic.


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