Group Names:
DOS Presentation                        Windows 95 Presentation
UNIX Presentation                       LINUX Presentation
MACINTOSH Presentation        Differences between Windows NT and Windows 98
IBM MVS / OS Presentation      Windows 98 Presentation
Network Presentation                  Differeces between Windows 95 & Windows 98

DOS Presentation
(Team No. 1)

Group Members:
Lisa Miller                        Ngoc Do
Kenvin Boots                    Rohit Krishan
This presentation was very good.  I saw all members in this team had prepared well for their group presentation.  Through this presentation, I learned more information about DOS such as its history, characteristics . . .

Now, I know more details about DOS's development in specific periods of time.  DOS was produced at the beginning of the 80's, and it has been developing until now.  in present, we have already had Windows which is a better operating system than DOS, but DOS is still used by many big companies.  Besides DOS's history,  I got more clear information about DOS.  I know what it is and how it works.  Thanks to all DOS group presentation members.  They have brought many useful information about DOS to us.

Notes:  Their home page is also very nice.  I think it is very interesting to get there.  If you have time, come to visit their web.

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Windows 95 Presentation
(Team No. 2)

Group Members:
Momar Drame                        Aichouche Messar
Quynh Chi                                Jebran Serkees
This group told us about Windows 95.  Even though this group has more people than the first group, but it seemed they did not prepared well for the presentation.  Their presentation is too simple and they didn't give us any papers those related to their speeches.  the information in their home page is also simple.

Come to visit their web, you will see what I have said is true.

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UNIX Presentation
(Team No. 3)

Group Members:
Swati Sharma        Greg Xu        Neha Patel
This group introduced us UNIX, a powerful operating system.  They told us about the features of UNIX, such as Multiuser Capabilities, Multitasking Capabilities, Device Independent, Portability and Open Systems, Tools Approach.  Thanks to all members of UNIX group presentation, they did brought us enough information those help us to know some concepts of UNIX.

Recommend:  They need to make a web page that tells about their group presentation.  I think it will be helpful for students who missed their presentation ( in unexpected cases).

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LINUX Presentation
(Team No. 4)

Group Members:
A. Mallory                     Aranyos
Brooks                           David Rose
They told us about history of LINUX, people who created it, and its wonderful coponents.  Through this presentation, I realize that LINUX is also a good operating system.  I agree with David Rose that we should study LINUX because of its cost (we can have it free by down load it from the internet), its convenient and efficient use.  In addition, by studying LINUX, we will be able to apply the LINUX's commands for UNIX which is currently a popular operating system.

Come to visit their web for more interesting LINUX information

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MACINTOSH Presentation
(Team No. 5)

Group Members:
Mohammed Merchant
Najat Obidallah
This presentation is very simpile, not interesting.  It only tells about the history of Macintosh.  No hand out papers or web page those contain information about their group presentation.
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DIFFERECES between Win NT & Win 98
(Team No. 6)

Group Members:
Omar        Mukesh        Dharmesh
This group presented the differences between Windows NT and Windows 98.  They showed us brief history of both two Windows (NT and 98), and its advantages.  Through this presentation, I get some ideas about their differences.  Thanks to all members of this group.

Recommend:  They only used Microsoft Powerpoint to created their presentation project.  Even though it is very nice, but nobody can see it after their presentation happened.  They did not give out the copy or hand out papers.

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IBM MVS/OS Presentation
(Team No. 7)

Group Members:
Catarino Garza            Mohammed A.
Jeff Marasigan            Eugenie
I learned more IBM MVS/OS concepts, but not much.  The reason is their speeches were stopped because of the time, and they don't have any documentations that help us to understand their presentation more clearly.

Recommend:    They should create a web site that tell us about their presentation or give is hand out papers.

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Windows 98 Presentation
(Team No. 8)

Group Members:

Trang Trinh       Dien Trinh       Doan Nguyen
I am a member of this group.  We did prepared for the presentation very carefully, but unluckily we could not use the projector to show our web page and some powerful features of Windows 98.  However, we talked about the history of Windows 98, how it satrts, its advatages, how to use its troubleshooter, and tables os keyboard shortcuts.  We passed the coppy of our presentation arround the class, and put all information of our presentation in the web page.  I hope everyone can get our ideas through these documentation.  Our web site is as follow:


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DIFFERECES between Win 95 & Win 98
(Team No. 9)

Group Members:
Jimmy Duong                        Peng Mingmongkol
Ervin Cheng                          Angel Hong
I saw the well preparation of this group presentation.  They used Microsoft Powerpoint to create their project.  But unluckily like us, they could not use the projector.  They only used labtop to show their presentation, so it reduced their presentation advantages.  They also created a web page that tells us about their presentation.  This page contains comparations of Windows 95 and Windows 98.


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Network Presentation
(Team No. 10)

Group Members:
Anthony Nguyen                Tran Nguyen
Well done.  This group presented us a lot information about Network.  They introduced us what is the Network (definition) and benifits of users in using Network.  They also show us many types of Network and how they work.  Their home page is also very interesting which shows us step by step about Network, its structures and advantages.


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Now, we almost finish this semester.  I realize that I have studied many concepts of operating system.  I know what it is, and its functions.  It is very interesting when we illustrate the life of process by a real life situation.  I also got ideas of methods those deal with running a process, a group of jobs.  By these methods, we can control the running order of processes in order we can save our time.  The deadlock problem is also interesting, too.

In this class, we have to write book chapter, do group presentation.  I think these are very helpful for everyone in class because through them we learn something (we learn when we have to do them).  The relationship between students and even between students and Professor is improved.  I see that our relationships are very friendly after we wrote book chapter and did presentation.  We helped one another in study, writing, and even speaking (I'm not a native American).

I have some recommends for you, Professor N. Caftori.  I think you need give more samples of FCFS, SJF, SRTF, RR methods to students in lecturing time.  I know it is very hard to explain because they are very confused (that is the reason students got bad result in first exam).  Now, I understand those methods because after the first exam you told us about them again, and I got them.  In the deadlock problem, we also got confusion.  I think you should teach us as you did in second exam's reparation.  You did solved the questions very clearly.  one example for my saying is you gave us the answer of "Why?" questions (those you asked us to explain why we said that was a deadlock or not) by drawing a circular diagram.  I think if you taught us like that before the exam, the exam's result would be better.  In the exam, I did not think it is simple like that.  Anyway, I understand those concepts of deadlock problem now.

I hope my recommends helps you in your future teaching.  This is my honesty, so please do not be angry about my sincere saying.  Wish everyone has a good summer and stay cool.

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