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The teacher is like the candle which lights others in consuming itself. -Giovanni Ruffini, writer (1807-1881)

Check my short lesson on how to create a home page to include your presentation, and let me know where your home is once it's created...

This should be your 
most fun assignment

cs 201 - Spring 2002

Please let me know as soon as you know who the members of your team are, and the topic you'd like to cover. Thanks...

  • April 2nd: Mukkarum, Trung, Philip L. and Hanh on the Pascal Triangle
  • April 11th: Melaku, Azim, and Mira on Graphs--ch. 8
  • April 16th: Savandara, Arti and Muhammed on Getting Behind the Scene of C++
  • April 16th: Mary, John, Hayden, and Hetesham, on probability
  • April 18th: Phil O., and Paul on Chapter 7.
  • April 18th: Jiang on integers?
  • April 18th: Leila, Adam, Vernon, Arabella on Graph theory, section 8.1
  • Joseph L., Tom, Joey J., and Mili on gambling games
  • cs 201 - Fall 2001

  • Nov. 13th - Kinan, Chris S., Minh --
  • Nov. 20th - Jovim, Ahmed, Kyle -- Flying peanut-butter monkeys
  • Nov 20th - Kris K, Patrick, Omar, Jamaal -- Bit testing algorithm
  • Nov. 27th - Ed K, -- logic circuits
  • Nov. 27th - Katrina, Pham, Daniel, Arlene, & Ben -- String Convert
  • Nov. 29th - Cory, Jesse, Resalba, Sharnise, Edwin, Christopher D. -- factorials
  • Dung, Lee, Csaba, Lavar -- Functions
  • Please let me know of your team, and then project as soon as you know them...Thanks!

    cs 201 - Spring 2001

  • Rugen, Maria, Jacqueline, and Hisako: April 5th; Decision tables.
  • Susan, Brian and Sylvia: April 5th; Using C++ and Power Point to explain the magic square.
  • Kevin & Slava: April 10th; How cryptography algorithms work.
  • Thu and Carlos: April 10th; Set theory using C++.
  • Karl, Miguel, and Juan: April 12th; Odds of winning certain "chance" games.
  • Selvana, Marizza, and Hayes: April 12th; Use C++ to show number conversions.
  • Merlyin, Norman, Moevi, & Roosevelt: April 17th; MEMORY ADRESSING AND DATA ENCODING.
  • Raju, Marek, Osman: April 17th; p. 51 project 9 or p. 103 searching or sorting.
  • Eric & Midhad: April 19th; Matrices & vectors.
  • Fall 2000

  • Lelia, Abdel, & Cherell, Tues. 21st
  • Makiese, Eric, & Jordan: Section 8.1 discussing graphs and applications, Tues. 28th.
  • Huy, Cuong H., & Lu, Thu. 16th-- C++ presentation on Euclidian algorithm.
  • Bill & Chang Using truth tables and computer logic to design a digital alarm clock on a web page, Tues. 28th.
  • Ed: Write a C++ program about Eucledian algorithm, Thur. 16th
  • Haizen, Qi, & Leticia: truth table, digital die. Tues. 28th
  • Nimer, Bashiir, Mohamed, & Yaghmour: Case study 8a, chapter 8, Tues. 21st
  • Lydia and Swetal: Continue the discussion on Boolean Algebra, comparing it to switching theory, Tues. 21st.
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