Intro to Personal Computing by Caftori

CS-100 Introduction to Personal computing

Taught by Netiva Caftori

Office: CLS 3025; tel: 773 442-4718

Welcome to computing!

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Fall Tentative Course Schedule
Week CS-100 Contents: Tues. - Thur.
1 Aug. 31st-Sept. 2nd, 2010 -- Introduction. -- The Internet. -- Windows. -- Help those who know less than you.
2 9/07/10 Chapter 1. -- Word. -- Listen to the news, maybe 91.5 FM, WBEZ.
9/09/10 Rosh Hashana. Meeting off-line on Blackboard
3 9/14-9/16 Assignement 1 due--Scavenger Hunt. review for Quiz 1 on Chap. 1. Start Chapter 2 Work in teams.
4 9/21-9/23/10 Start work on Word and Assignment 2. More on WORD. Quiz 1. Binary numbering
5 9/28/-9/30 - Chapter 2. Work in teams on your PowerPoint presentation
6 10/5-10/7/10 Assignment 2 due. -- Quiz 2. -- Start on Chap. 3 -- Come prepared with news items.
7 10/12-10/14 Spreadsheets-EXCEL. Review for Quiz 3 on Chap. 3.
8 10/19-10/21/2010 Assignement 3 due. Quiz 3 on Chap. 3. On Thur. work in teams.
9 10/26-10/28 Go over Chap. 4. Start work on MS Access.
10 Nov. 2nd-4th Green day:) Data-base--MicroSoft Access. ~ Women in Computing
11 11/9-11 Assignement 4
12 11/16-18 Review for quiz 4 on ch. 4. ~ Nov. 13: Last day to drop class.
13 11/23 Student presentations.
Nov 25th - Thanksgiving holiday. No class.
14 Mov. 30th-Dec. 2nd
Web design Assignment 5 is due.
PowerPoint (Assignment 6 due) and presentations.
15 12/7-9 Assignement 7 (blog) due. Student Presentations.
16 12/14 No more classes. Have a nice winter break. Our class ends a week earlier.
Turn in any late assignments and student evaluation of peer presentations the week before last. No final exam. Have a great break!

Grading philosophy

  ~ ~ ~  

There will be 8 or 9 assignments. Will drop off lowest grade.

There will be 3 or 4 quizzes for a total of 30%.

Participation in class discussions will count for 10%.

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Textbooks and tools

Practice makes Perfect

Microsoft Office cheap prices for NEIU students.
Tutorials: (on Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint) on the web at by Bernard Poole or if you choose to download

Read early and often

The following text is for the theory part of the course:
The Computer Continuum by Kurt Lauckner. A custom edition of the 4th edition.
All quizzes will be based on this textbook.

Lab Hours

All open labs are open

I do not guarantee these hours are current. Just make sure you do mostly university work there or net control will get you...:)

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