Prior Date:  6/18/02
Effect Date:  7/01/03


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The advisor/student trip leader will use the Group Travel Voucher to report expenditures or to claim reimbursement from the University for funds utilized in the performance of school sponsored group travel.

The Group Travel Voucher form is a four part form set that can be ordered using the on-line Forms Requisition on the Controller's Office Resources web site at http://www.neiu.edu/~finanaff.  The form also is available in moderate quantities at no cost from Printing Services using the paper version of the Forms Requisition.

The advisor/student trip leader, hereafter referred to as the traveler will, within thirty days upon conclusion of the trip, prepare the Group Travel Voucher in accordance with the University travel regulations that can be found at: http://www.neiu.edu/~finanaff/travelre.pdf. The traveler will certify to the document's accuracy and propriety.

The fiscal agent will sign the voucher after ascertaining that the expenditures appear to be proper and were made in the conduct of official University sponsored group travel. Should the fiscal agent be the traveler then the approval of the individual that the fiscal agent reports to is required.

An approved travel authorization request must be on file before a Group Travel Voucher will be processed for payment.

The traveler completes all applicable data fields on the form, signs the document and routes for approval. The burden for obtaining the fiscal agent's approval resides with the traveler.

The fiscal agent will detach copy three of the Group Travel Voucher after approval. The traveler then forwards the balance of the form set, properly documented, to the travel desk of the Disbursements section of the Controller's Office, room E 220, extension 5128.

Form instruction:










Document Number (TAR & E):


Enter the five digit number of the travel authorization.
Remember, an approved travel authorization request must be on file with the Controller's Office before reimbursement will be allowed.



Name, Address, & Zip Code, Social Security Number and Dept. Phone:


Enter the advisor/student trip leader's name, address, zip code, social security number and office phone extension.




Document Date:

Enter the preparation date of the travel authorization.


Account Number to be Charged:

Enter the six digit account number to be charged.




Purpose of Travel:

Enter the purpose of the travel.




Enter the date expenses were incurred.



Departed From - Place/Time:

Enter the city departed from and time of departure.





Arrived At - Place/Time

Enter the city arrived at and time of arrival.





Before completing items "9" through "14" be sure you know current allowances as approved by the Travel Regulations.






Auto Mileage:



Enter in the blank at the top of the column the rate at which mileage driven in a privately owned vehicle is reimbursed. The remainder of the column should reflect the number of miles for which reimbursement is claimed.



Auto Reimbursement:

The rate of reimbursement entered in the blank at the top of item "9" is multiplied by the number of miles driven in item "9". The product is then entered in the space provided.







Enter reimbursable common carrier transportation expenses incurred. Common carrier transportation includes train, plane, bus, etc. For further definition, consult the University travel regulations.




Enter reimbursable lodging expense incurred.


Meals or Per Diem:

Enter meal expenses incurred or per diem allowance.



Other Expenses:

Enter all other expenses including itemization of the expenses.


Line Total:

Sum horizontally the amounts in items "10" through "14" and enter the line totals in the space provided.


Total Amount:

Enter the sum of all line totals



Expense Summary:



Formula to be used for expense summary when reimbursement is due traveler:

            (b) Total expenditures
less:     (a) Travel advance (if any)
equals: (c) Reimbursement due traveler

Formula to be used for expense summary when total amount of travel advance is not spent:

            (a) Travel advance
less:     (b) Total expenditures
equals: (d) Amount of travel advance returned



Total Value of Attached Receipts:


Enter the amount for which you are requesting reimbursement.




NEIU Receipt Number:

If portion of travel advance is returned, enter the five digit document number for the miscellaneous receipt issued by the Cashier and attach the receipt to the Group Travel Voucher.






This block must contain the signature of the fiscal agent. Should the traveler be the fiscal agent, then approval must be signed by the individual to whom the traveler reports.




After reading statement of certification the traveler will sign and date in the space provided.



The fiscal agent authorizing signature must be on file with the Controller's Office. Group Travel Vouchers bearing unauthorized signatures will be returned to originators.

Form facsimile:


For more information contact
Controller's Office