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This form instruction explains the preparation of the Request for Labels form.

Click Here to order labels on line.  The form must be submitted for processing three days prior to the date the labels are to be picked up in the Administrative Information Systems office.

Form instruction:
Item Description
1 Name of Requestor:  Enter the name of the person requesting the labels.
2 Current Date:  Enter the date the form is being prepared.
3 Department of Requestor:  Enter the name of the unit where the requestor physically works.
4 Telephone Extension:  Enter the telephone extension where the requestor can be reached.
5 Describe How Labels Will Be Used:  Enter the purpose for which the labels are requested.
6 Type of Address to Include on Labels (Check One):  Check either "On Campus" or "Off Campus (home delivery)" depending on which address is needed on the labels.
7 Type of Label Sort (Check One):  Circle either "In Name Order" or "In Department Order" depending on which sort is desired.
8 Date Labels Needed:  Enter the date the labels are needed which must be at least three days later than the date this form is submitted.
9 Number of Sets of Labels Required:  Enter the number of complete sets of labels sets of labels that are needed. Usually, only one set of labels is requested at a time except in unusual circumstances.
10 Label Option (Check One):  Check the category of labels needed. If you check "Other" please be as specific as possible and allow more time for processing.

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