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The initial step in setting up an account with the University is the preparation of an Application for Account Number form (1026) by the fiscal agent and receiving appropriate vice presidential approval. This form instruction explains the preparation of the application.

The application is a two part form set. The form may be obtained from the Controller's Office on a no cost basis.

Form instruction:
Item Description
1 Date Prepared:  Enter preparation date of the document.
2 Account name:  Enter the name which most accurately describes the activity of the account.
3 Account number:  Do not use this space.
4 Source of Authorized Revenue:  Indicate the income object classes from which revenue will be derived by checking all appropriate boxes.
5 Types of Expected Expenditures:  Indicate the line items/expense subcodes from which. expenditures are likely to be made by checking all appropriate boxes. Failure to check all appropriate boxes will cause the account to be set up improperly and delayed document processing will result.
6 Describe Source(s) of Revenue and How Funds Will Be Used:  Enter a descriptive statement of each type of revenue and how the funds will be expended. Maintain clarity by avoiding technical jargon. As appropriate, attach available supporting documentation. The application will be returned for further clarification if the description does not include how the funds will be used.

Enter the name and mailing department of the account information agent. The information agent is usually the person to whom the fiscal agent reports.

7 Approvals:  The application must be approved through the appropriate area executive officer.

Once all required approvals have been obtained, the application is forwarded intact to the Controller's Office, E-220, extension 5135.

Form facsimile:

For more information contact
Controller's Office