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The Time and Effort Report is filed each semester by all professorial and professional staff paid from federally funded grants or whose payment from other sources is included as a matching contribution to a federally funded grant program. Summer I/summer II is considered one semester. Report forms are distributed by the Controller's Office after the conclusion of the semester for which reporting is required. Response due date is 2 weeks after distribution of the report.

The report will:

Reflect the distribution of activity expended by full and part time staff funded through a federal grant or matching contribution from other fund sources.

Reflect an after-the-fact reporting by percentage of activity of each full and part time staff member.

Account for 100% of each full or part-time staff member's time required to fulfill their obligation to the University. The report will reasonably reflect the percentage of activity applicable to each grant and to each major function of the school.

To confirm that the distribution of activity represents a reasonable estimate of the work performed during the reporting period, the individual staff member accomplishing the work will sign the report. The project director in turn will endorse the report. When the individual staff member is the project director, the immediate superior will endorse the report.

Form instruction: 
1. Employee Name: Enter the name of the employee's.
2. Grant Number: Enter number of the grant.
3. Term: Enter the academic term that the form represents.
4. Grant Name: Enter the name of the grant.
5. Grant(s): List all grants you worked on in this term including but not limited to the grant for which you are filling out this report.
6. NEIU courses taught: List name and number of courses taught this term.
7. Committee work: List name of committee(s) you served on during this term.
8. Other: List any other activities that you participated in that you did not list in any of the categories above.
9. Regular Contract: Enter the percentage of regular term time spent on each activity listed in items 4, 5, 6 and 7. The percentages should sum to 100% and approximate the staff member's workload assignment.
10. Overload/Other: Enter the percentage of term time spent on each activity listed in items 5, 6, 7 and 8 for which you received overload, grant exclusion, or other supplemental payments. In general, the percentages should be based on the credit unit equivalency of the overload compared to the regular contract amounts.
11. Overload/Other Total: Enter the sum of the percentages reported in this column.
12. Faculty Member Signature: The faculty or staff member signs here.
13. Date: Enter today's date.
14. Project Director Signature: The project director signs here. When the individual faculty or staff member is the project director, the immediate superior endorses the report here.
15. Date: Enter today's date.

Upon completion, the report is forwarded to the Controller's Office, room E 220. The Director of Financial Affairs/Controller may be reached on extension 5142.

Form facsimile:

For more information contact
Controller's Office