Effective 7/01/03

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The Travel Advance is a request for a loan by faculty, staff or student trip leaders to cover anticipated expenses on University sponsored student group travel where costs are to be financed by the school. This form instruction explains the preparation of the document.

The Travel Advance is a four-part form set that can be ordered in moderate quantities at no cost using the on-line Forms Requisition on the Controller's Office Resources web site at http://www.neiu.edu/~finanaff.  The form is also available from Printing Services using the Forms Requisition.

An approved travel authorization request must be on file with the Office of University Budgets before an advance will be considered.

The advisor/student trip leader completes all applicable data fields on the form, signs the document and routes for approval. The burden for obtaining the fiscal agent's approval resides with the advisor/student trip leader.

Once the fiscal agent's approval has been obtained, the advisor/student trip leader forwards the document intact to the Office of University Budgets located in room A-127, extension 5110.

Loan limits are:
Minimum amount: $25.
Maximum amount: The amount of reimbursable out of pocket expenses as estimated on the travel authorization.

Form instruction:
1. Document Date: Enter the preparation date of the document.
2. Document Number: Enter the five digit number of the travel authorization request following the "E__".
Traveler's Name, Address & Zip Code: Enter the travel's name, the traveler's address including the zip code.
4. Traveler's SSN: Enter the traveler's social security number.
5. Phone Ext.: Enter the phone extension where the traveler can most easily be reached.
6. Important: Leave the first box following the "T" blank and enter the five-digit number of the travel authorization request.
7. Account Name: Enter the name of the account to be charged.
8. Account Address: Enter the number of the account to be charged.
9. (Loan Amount): Enter the sum total of the loan. Observe the minimum/maximum loan limits stated above.
10. Traveler/Borrower & Date: Enter signature of the advisor/student trip leader and date of signing.
11. Fiscal Agent & Date: Enter signature of the fiscal agent or alternate and date of signing.

NOTE 1 Where the traveler/borrower and the fiscal agent are one and the same, that individual will sign the document in both fields.
NOTE 2: Fiscal agent's signature must be on file in the Controller's Office. Travel advances with unauthorized signatures will be returned.

Upon completion, copy three (pink) is detached from the Travel Advance and retained by the originator. The balance of the form set is forwarded to the Office of University Budgets located in room A-127, extension 5110.

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