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The Requisition is used to procure goods other than paper and supplies listed on the Paper and Supplies Order & Voucher form or services that do not meet the acceptance test for the use of a Direct Payment Voucher or for minor reimbursement through petty cash.  Each Requisition may not contain more than one sub code classification; i.e., contractual (1200), commodities (1300), equipment (1500).

The Requisition is a sequentially numbered two part form that is available in moderate quantities at no cost from Printing Services using the Forms Requisition. The form can also be ordered using the on-line Forms Requisition on the Controller's Office Resources web site at http://www.neiu.edu/~finanaff.

Form instruction:











Vendor Name, Street, Phone, Suite or Office Number, Fax, City and State, Zip Code, Vendor FEIN, and Vendor Key:



Leave blank if no vendor preference, otherwise enter all known data. You are expected to provide the federal employee's identification number (FEIN) if you provide vendor preference. If you do not have the FEIN number, call Procurement Services at extension 3574.






Document Date:

Enter the date form is prepared.



Reviewed By and Date:

Refer to section K3 of this manual for instructions on obtaining sign off signatures for equipment and items of a contractual nature as itemized in the Facilities Management Yellow Page; and printed materials.


Delivery Instructions:

Enter room, floor, building, or location of delivery.



Delivery Date Required:

Enter specific date goods are required, do not use ASAP. Remember to allow vendor sufficient lead time.



Enter the numeric unit for each product or service being requisitioned.



Order Unit:

Enter the unit designation for the product or service requested; i.e., set, each, box, hour, day, pint, dozen, thousand, etc.



Vendor Stock Number:

Enter the numeric or alpha/numeric number that the vendor uses to identify the product; many times this is a catalog number, unique product code or style number.





Enter the description, in clear text, of the product or service requested. Be specific; color, size, style, and material are only a few of the items that make up a detailed specification.




Unit Price:


Enter the per unit price of the product or service requested. All prices must reflect the order unit as specified in "0" and be carried out to dollars and cents; i.e., $25 should be shown as $25.00. If you do not know the exact price, you must insert "Not to Exceed" together with an amount within the unit price column.





Extended Price:


Enter the extended price of the product or service requested based on the following formula:

Unit Price x Quantity = Extended Price

(Dollar amount must be entered in dollars and cents)





Freight Charge:



Enter an "X" in the appropriate square. If the freight is to be charged, you must put an estimated cost in the extended price column. F.O.B. (freight on board) means that the vendor is liable for the goods until they reach our dock.



Pricing Source:


Enter, or indicate "attachments provided", vendor quotes, State/University contracts, competitive quotes or other price comparison information. See section K2 for levels of dollar values for expenditures associated with verbal, informal and formal price solicitation.


Total Amount:

Enter the sum of all amounts entered in "0" above.




Account Number Charged:

Enter the applicable ten digit account number to be charged.  Each Requisition may contain only one sub code classification; i.e., contractual (1200), commodities (1200), equipment (1500).


Account Name:

Enter the account name.






This block must contain the following signatures:

a. Requester is optional only if there is an endorser signature
b. Endorsement
c. Fiscal agent or alternate
d. Dean/Director
e. Vice President (if applicable)
f. President (if applicable)



Fiscal agents and alternate signatures must be on file in the Controller's Office. Requisitions with missing or unauthorized signatures will be returned.

All shaded areas on Requisition are for Procurement Services and Office of University Budgets use only. Review reverse side of Requisition for special instructions on consultants, leases, and repairs and maintenance.

Form facsimile:


For more information contact
Controller's Office