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The Property Change Notice enables Property Control to maintain current status and location information required to effectively control all University property. The document is normally processed by the fiscal agent initiating the change.

The notice is a three part form printed on carbonless paper. This form may be obtained from Property Control on a no charge basis.

Form instruction:
1. Date: Enter date the document is being prepared.
2. From: Enter the name and number of the department which is reporting the change.
3. Change of Accountability: Indicate type of change:
"Add": Indicate, by checking the appropriate box, the type of add transaction.
"Deduct": Indicate, by checking the appropriate box, the type of deduct transaction.
NOTE Items 4 and 5 are to be completed only in the case of interdepartmental transfer transactions.
4. To: Enter the name and number of the department/unit which will be receiving the property.
5. Change of Location: Self explanatory. If off campus, complete the Off Campus Equipment Use Contract Form (1112) using the instructions found in M18.
6. Date of Move: Enter date of scheduled move.
7. Tag Number: Enter tag number assigned to equipment by Property Control.
8. Description and Serial Number: Description is self explanatory. However, the "serial" number assigned by the manufacturer should not be confused with the "tag" number assigned by Property Control.
9. From Location: Self explanatory.
10. To Location: Self explanatory.
11. Justification: Enter statement as appropriate to justify change of accountability and/or change of location.
12. Fiscal Agent: Enter the signature of the fiscal agent transferring the property as well as date of signing.

Upon completion, copy three (pink) is detached from the Property Change Notice and retained by the originator. The balance of the form set is forwarded to the Property Control section of the Controller's Office located in room FA 006, extension 5132.

Form facsimile:

For more information contact
Controller's Office