Fiscal Agent Handbook Index
Accounts payable Liabilities on open accounts owed to private persons, firms or corporations for goods and services received.
AFSCME Union Local 1989, of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Council 31, AFL-CIO.
Agency Public entities created by the state such as a commission, board, state college or university.
Allocations Distribution of available assets (both appropriations and other assets) to meet the needs of approved programs.
Alternate A university employee who has been designated as a responsible officer for the financial administration of an account in the absence of the fiscal agent.
Appropriations Legislative enactments approved by the governor providing for general revenue, education assistance or income funds for operating and capital purposes.
Area A vice presidential area is comprised of a group of divisions and/or units/departments reporting to the same vice president.
Available balance Balance of an account that has not been encumbered or expended.
Auxiliary enterprises Self supporting university enterprises in whole or in part such as Student Union and parking lot administration.
Bereavement leave The amount of paid work days an employee is excused from working immediately following the death of an immediate family member.
Bid An offer from selected vendors to provide a product or service to the university at a fixed price.
Building The preservation of a structure or attached fixtures from a shortening of service life, or the replacement of consumable or defective components.
Candidate An individual who has been interviewed and is being actively considered for employment.
Chicago metropolitan area The counties of Cook, Lake, McHenry, Kane, Dupage and Will.
Clock The code used to identify the college or main department from which an employee is paid.
Commodities Articles of a consumable nature which show a material change or significant depreciation with first usage, as well as repair parts and equipment (excluding books other than consumable workbooks and books given to outside parties) having a unit value less than $100.
Contractual services All services requiring personal performance or efforts by named individuals. This includes consultants, presenters at workshops, performing artists, products or the use of property where the named individuals' personal efforts created such products or property.
Direct deposit The automatic depositing of payroll checks to a bank instead of distribution to the employee.
Division A group of units reporting to the same division head.
Division Head The person at a level above a department chair, director or associate dean who reports to a vice president and heads multiple units, typically a dean or assistant vice president.
Encumbrance Prospective expenditures, such as Purchase Orders or executory contracts, to be recognized at the time the Purchase Order or executory contract is issued.
Equipment Tangible property of a non consumable nature having a unit value equal to or greater than $100 that is used in the operations of a state agency; and books other than consumable workbooks and books given to outside parties.
Expense Charges incurred, whether cash or non cash, which benefit operations of the current fiscal period.
FEIN Federal employee's identification number.
F.O.B. Freight on board our dock. Vendor maintains liability till goods reach our dock.
Federal Work Study Award The amount of salary that a student enrolled in the Federal Work Study Program may earn.
Fiscal agent A university employee who has been designated as a responsible officer for the financial administration of an account.
Fiscal year The 12 month period between July 1 of one year and June 30 of the following calendar year, which is the legal period for budgeting and accounting for state operations.  Also used to indicate the period of time during which an appropriation may remain valid.
Foreign travel Foreign travel is defined as travel outside the 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.
Graduate assistant A graduate assistant must be a fully admitted student in a graduate program who assists with teaching, tutoring, research, or library work.
Grant Exclusion Work on an externally funded grant or contract that is approved by the provost to be excluded from the regularly assigned obligation, and, for which, the faculty member earns compensation in addition to his/her basic salary.
Headquarters The campus at 5500 North St. Louis Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60625, has been designated as the official headquarters for all employees of Northeastern Illinois University with the following exceptions:
The official headquarters for those employees assigned to the Center for Inner City Studies is 700 East Oakwood Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois 60653.
The official headquarters for those employees assigned to the Chicago Teachers' Center is 770 North Halsted, Chicago, Illinois 60622.
The official headquarters for those employees assigned to El Centro is 3119 North Pulaski Road, Chicago, Illinois 60641.
Immediate family Spouse, child, stepchild, mother, father, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, grandchildren, mother-in-law, father-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, spouse's niece or nephew, first cousin, or a member of the immediate household.
Inload The workload obligation of a faculty member for which credit units are assigned in fulfillment of requirements to earn a full time equivalent salary.
Internal budget An approved university document that establishes the funding limits provided for each university department.
Lapse funds Appropriated funds which have not been expended during a fiscal year and have reverted back to the state.
Lapse period The period ending August 31 during which obligations outstanding at June 30 may be liquidated.
Line items Define the purposes for which the appropriations may be used; i.e., commodities, contractual services, personal services, travel, etc.
Local funds Funds retained by the university locally as compared to those retained by the state in Springfield.
Local travel Travel within the Chicago metropolitan area where living expenses are not involved; i.e., travel expenses consisting only of transportation and incidentals (mileage, parking, tolls, etc.)
NEC The detailed line item used to identify expenditures that are Not Elsewhere Classified.
Object classification A transaction category. There are two types of object classifications: income and expense.
Overload Duties assigned in excess of the top of the relevant credit unit range required to earn FTE salary, and, for which, faculty earn additional compensation.
Petty cash The fund used to make cash reimbursements for incidental expenditures of less than $50.
Project director The person responsible for the business management of a grant.
Referral form The form presented to the interviewer by a prospective work study student at a student position interview.
Remodeling The alteration of a structure which could increase the service life or capacity of a building.
Requisition A preprinted numbered form used to order specified articles or services through Procurement Services.
Signature card The signature card is used to provide specimen signatures of persons authorized to sign the approval line on vouchers.
Student trip leader The student responsible for the accounting and travel procedures of a student group trip.
SURS State Universities Retirement System..
Tagging The system used to identify university equipment.
Unit An area/department reporting to a division head.
Unit head The responsible person in charge of the department, typically a department chair or director who reports to a division head.
Vendor key The internal number that Procurement Services assigns to individual payees.
Vita A brief summary of an individual's educational background, employment history and professional achievements.
Voucher A document requesting that payment be made to a vendor for goods received or services performed or authorized.
Warrant A state check.

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