Fiscal Agent Handbook Index

The responsibility of a fiscal agent is to promote the mission or purpose of the account entrusted to him/her, safeguard the assets of the account, and assure the propriety of all expenditures of university funds and disposition of account assets.

Although broadly stated above, the responsibility of a fiscal agent encompasses a variety of duties. Highlighted below are those duties necessary for successful functioning as a competent fiscal agent.

1.      Ensuring that applications for new accounts are properly approved and on file in financial affairs prior to any account activity. Detailed information regarding account applications is discussed in section A and detailed instructions for preparing the application for account number can be found in section M.

2.      Verifying that all authorized account signers are responsible status employees who have proven their integrity through past performances. Detailed information regarding signature cards is discussed in section A.

3.      Allocating the account budget funds to proper line items, initiating budget transfers when necessary and monitoring the account funds to preclude overspending. Detailed line item definitions can be found in section A, detailed instructions concerning budgets can be found in sections B and C, and detailed instructions for preparing local fund transfer forms can be found in section M. For state fund transfers, this information can be found in Section B.

4.      Additional responsibilities of grant project directors are detailed in section D and instructions for preparing time and effort reports can be found in section M.

5.      Ensuring the reconciliation of the monthly budget reports and the correction of all discrepancies. The budget reports are discussed in detail in section E.

6.      Ensuring that all travel using university funds is in compliance with the board of trustees travel regulations as detailed in the university Travel Regulations published on the WEB at

7.      Ensuring that all travel documents are properly prepared and submitted on a timely basis. Travel documents are discussed in section F and detailed instructions for preparing travel documents can be found in section M.

8.      Ensuring the proprietary use of direct payment vouchers for purchases, manual checks, university events, search and screen travel expenditures of candidates, reimbursement of moving expenses and expressions of sympathy as discussed in section G. Detailed instructions for preparing the direct payment voucher can be found in section M.

9.      Ensuring that all university property is adequately safeguarded against misuse and theft. Also ensuring that all changes in location and/or status of university property under your jurisdiction as a fiscal agent is properly reported to property control using a property change notice. Detailed instructions for preparing a property change notice can be found in section M.

10. Ensuring that proper payroll check distribution and redistribution procedures as discussed in section 1 are followed.

11. Ensuring the propriety of all purchases and ensuring that proper purchasing procedures for goods and services are followed for all university fund expenditures. The various purchasing procedures are discussed in sections K and L with forms instructions detailed in section M.

12. Coordinating the hiring of personnel with the appropriate offices on a timely basis as discussed in section N.

13. Being familiar with the personnel civil services policies and procedures.

It is also your responsibility as a fiscal agent to keep abreast of changes made to the policies, procedures and requirements contained in this handbook as well as new policies, procedures and requirements.


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