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6 /24/2007

Our Gifted Online Conferences
A place to join together to meet, share, learn, and discuss issues pertaining to giftedness and talent of all individuals regardless of race, age, gender, economic status, and/or twice/thrice exceptionalities.

Our Gifted Online Conferences
Lynne Kelly

Aug 10 -12, 2007

"Practical Curriculum Extension for Gifted Students"

Well designed extension material can offer qualitatively different
learning experiences which address the unique abilities of gifted
students. By being available through the school network or on local
computers in every classroom, any time a student has demonstrated
mastery of the class work, the teacher can offer them the enrichment material then and there. No student should ever be bored! By compacting the class work, students find they can tune in and out of what is happening in the classroom, thus maximizing their learning in the given time. A flexible compaction/extension model enables schools and home schools to implement a wide-ranging gifted program in a practical format.

Lynne Kelly has worked with gifted students for over 25 years
specialising in curriculum development for mathematics, science and cross curricular themes. The author of 13 books and the Enrichment Units for the Middle Years (EUMY) suite, she has established online enrichment programs used in six countries.



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